Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Getaway!


Around this time of the year, the summer heat frenzies everyone! And we think about beaches, sunburn, the sea and the white sparkling sand! Nagi, Kirino, Tooko, Yui, Miku and Danbo had just a blast from my summer outing experience this weekend XD.

Danbo providing music!

Tooko-chan relaxing by the beach while reading. :D

Tooko-chan enjoyed the beach while reading! The white sand is really good to sit on, ne, Tooko-chan? :3

Kiririn-shi is now impatient! XD

Kiririn-shi's already ready, and she's wanting to get to the seashore! Nice shades there, Kiririn-chan! :D

Miku's Totem Pole of Smileys!

Miku-chan just played around with her new toy, a totem pole of smileys! Really adorable! XD

The New Goddess of the Sea??

Nagi-chan! You're already a goddess in Jin's hometown, now wanting to have more minions? XD

And now we know what Kiririn-shi's weakness! XDD

So it's the seashells, ne? We have more in the shoreline!

Yui relaxing in the cottage while the sun sets!

Yui! Thank you for staying in the cottage and looking out for our things! :D

Surely, they enjoyed alot. I think some of my nendos who didn't make it may become jealous because of this! Maybe next time, the will join along with me!

That's all for now. 'Til next week!

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