Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kudo and Kuroneko.


Wow. I've never thought I'm now already halfway to this project of mine. And I also never thought that my nendoroid collection is getting bigger every week, well, let's make that every month XD.


Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters! just arrived yesterday! And Kudo-chan's really eager to meet my other fellow nendos!


Kuroneko's been curious of how she looked like, so she took the initiative to represent and give her a warm greeting.

Kudo-chan meets Kuroneko-chan.

Kudo-chan: I'm Noumi Kudryavka! Kudo for short. Nice to meet you! And you are?
Kuroneko-chan: Just call me Kuroneko. Nice to meet you too.

Kuroneko's Scrutiny.

Kuroneko-chan: Very nice outfit you have.
Kudo-chan: Thank you! My clothes are hand-made, as you may notice.
Kuroneko-chan: *gets the hat* This is a very nice hat.
Kudo-chan: Uhh, yeah. That keeps me warm, actually.


Kuroneko-chan: I think this will fit with me very nicely.
Kudo-chan: Really? I think it won't.. *gets a little worried*

Kuroneko, what have you done?!

Kuroneko-chan: See, it really fits. Can I have this?
Kudo-chan: *bursts into tears* Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! T___T
Kuroneko-chan: *shrugs*

Kuroneko, I think you really gave her a warm welcome XD.


Meanwhile, Tooko's been enjoying over some new book!

The Book Girls!

Wow! It's the real book where Tooko-chan's the main character! It's Mizuki Nomura's novel entitled Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime, or Bungaku Shōjo in Japanese.

Be careful not to eat that though, Tooko-chan! XD

That's all for today. 'Til next week!

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