Sunday, August 21, 2011

Going on a (Nendo) Trip!


I'll be going on a trip, starting tomorrow, for two weeks! Destination:

Tokyo's Train Map.


And of course, I'll be bringing in some nendos with me!


Kiririn-shi: How am I suppose to go with you??

Me: Err, by going inside that can? XD

Kiririn-shi: WHAT?!?!

Kiririn-chan seems to be quite upset on how I'll bring her XD.

Convince me more.

Good thing Noumi-chan was there to make things understandable to her ^^;.

It'll be alright :).

Noumi-chan: Do you want to see that beautiful country again? Then you should just go inside your transporter and wait. I'm sure he'll be taking good care of you :).

Kiririn-shi: Of course I want to! OK, I understand. I am going in now. Just make sure you'll not drop me somewhere.

Of course I won't!

Yay! Thank you for that encouraging words, Noumi-chan :D.

Ready to go.

Well, that's it for today. 'Til next week, as me, Kiririn-shi, and some other nendoroids I brought along will be having a stroll in Tokyo!

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