Sunday, February 6, 2011

H-I-N-A! Hinagiku!


There's a new addition to my nendoroid family! Nagi, Yui, Saber, BRS and Tooko rushed to be able to have a photo before she comes out of her box!

Hina-chan's Arrival!

Presenting Katsura Hinagiku! The Student Council President of Hakuou Academy!

She seems quite shy though ^^;. More photos after the break!

When she finally came out of the box, Nagi-chan and the others pressed her to do some quick photoshoot XD. And of course, I didn't dare to miss it!

Hina-chan as a Donut Endorser.

C'mon Hina-chan! Look in the camera! We know you can do better than that! :P

Yui-chan volunteered herself to go along with Hina-chan to make her face the camera. After a few minutes, at last! All was needed was Yui-chan's little charm and peace sign!


See Hina? You look awesome when you're smiling!

 What in the world is that coming out?

But wait, what was that sound?! Yui-chan heard something cracked!

Hina: Hey Yui, face front again, we are not yet finished.
Yui: Uhh, wait, I think there's some arm coming out of the donut box..

No! Not me!

Hina: Huh? My arm is getting numb doing the peace sign..
Yui: The arm is coming to get me!!!
Hina: Cut it off please, I'm true with this.


Yui: Kyaaaa~~!!! Look Hina-chan! Is it...
Hina: Wow, the box got a hole. Who's that?

Donut boxes are tastier than the donut itself!

Yui: Quick Hina-chan!! Run for your life!!
Tooko: *burrppp* Yummy donuts! But I think the box is tastier!! *munch munch*
Hina: Hey you freak!! You think I'm afraid of you? *gets her kendo skills ready*

Lo and Behold! The Queen of Donut Box Eaters!

Tooko: Silence! I'm going to eat the whole donut box!! Observe!
Hina: What??
Yui: Run Hina-chan! Runnnnnnnn~!!

OK, that's something messed up. But I guess its alright though, since Tooko-chan "cleaned" the donut box for me XD.

That's all for now. 'Til next week! The hot air balloons are waiting for these nendos and Danbo!


  1. hahaha I really love the way you shoot your nendo, specially the second to the last one.