Sunday, April 3, 2011

Danbo in a Model Shoot!


This weekend, I've been invited to a simple outdoor model photoshoot, and upon learning, Danbo hurriedly volunteered to accompany me!

Is she the one?

While waiting at Starbucks near the location of the shoot, Danbo went out and looked for the model! He must be really excited to see how she looked like, that he thought she was the one in the Starbucks plastic glass my other friend is drinking from XD.

After a while, the organizers came and we prepared for the shoot. Danbo played around quietly along the ledges, trying to do some acrobatic poses to get the attention of the model XD.

Getting in Balance.

Below are some of the takes we've come up during the shoot!

Behind those leaves.

Up Close.


After the shoot, Danbo was finally noticed by the model, and he became really nervous the moment she held him!

I Can't Move!

*Jaw Drop*

Danbo somewhat became frozen hahaha! Or maybe he was starstruck? XD

Yay! :D

And they had a photo together! Lucky Danbo! :D

We went home both happy - I got the shots I want, and Danbo got to interact with his model crush! XD

And now he's nagging me to always take him whenever I have this kind of shoot! XDD

Is Danbo scheming something over these models? >:D

Let's just see in future shoots!

That's all for today. 'Til next week!

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