Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ozine Fest 2011 - Danbo and Nagi on the Loose!


Oreimo Badges!

Yesterday, I went to one of the most anticipated cosplay convention here in our country, which is called Ozine Fest 2011. Spanning for three days (starting Friday), the convention hall was packed with toys, manga, anime goods and of course, cosplay. This has been the situation every year, and I've noticed that the cosplayer attendance to this event is insanely increasing by epic proportions every year too.

Check out some photos I've got past the break!

I just selected to take photos of those cosplayers whom I got interested to, primarily because of the good details of their costume, and their facial value. Of course, that can't be helped, because cosplay is about having the exact (or almost) physical details of the character one is portraying, at least. Then the role-playing part of it follows.

Are you ready?

Just like her above. She had good details in her costume, although I failed to recognize her ^^; (since I'm not all-knowing :P). Failed to get her character, but she did the role-playing well, too.

A Geisha's Smile.

I also came across the so-called "Geisha Girl" cosplayer, for whenever/wherever there's a cosplay convention, she would always participate as a geisha. What's amazing is she has that kind of formula that makes people not get tired of seeing her cosplaying that way over and over again. Maybe I guess it's because she has some kind of charisma oozing out of her ^^;.

Anyways, Danbo and Nagi were with me that day too, and I decided to take them out to the nearby car park for a little shoot!

Looking at you.

Emo Danbo is emo. He said he wanted to have that reflection shot!

Reds, Blues and Danbo!

Nagi, on the other hand, wanted a photo with the red flowers nearby. Danbo quite ruined it though, being a photobomb, as always XD.

Takoyaki nomnomnom!

After the event, we went to treat ourselves to something delicious! Takoyaki! Nagi hurriedly checked how they looked and tasted! Hot, spicy and delicious indeed!

All in all, I observed that I've been not that too worked up taking photos of cosplayers nowadays, unlike in the past years I have visited. I think this is good though, as I enjoy more of my time just observing how things go by in these kind of events. No so-called stress on my part haha.

That's all for now. 'Til next week!

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