Sunday, April 17, 2011

In A Festival Beat!


Went to another outdoor photoshoot this week! This time, it's all about festivals! On one grand event, all the festivals being held in our country were gathered and the performers had an exciting showdown for a contest! And Miku-chan was there to check out the festival event and jam with them!

Thy Roost.

Upon arriving at the event area, me and Miku-chan roamed around to check on the festival performers! It was good to see that even children are willing to take part in this once-a-year festival event, to show that they have the moves too! And their costumes are all very detailed and colorful!

On Standby.

Moving around, we saw the music performers too! They're carefully checking their instruments by tuning the right sound they should play! And below's one brass instrument being tuned, as witnessed by Miku-chan!

Tuning the brass.

When we saw a xylophone, Miku-chan hurriedly jumped over and tried playing it! XDD

Trying Something New!

Trying some new percussion instrument, ne, Miku-chan? But she was just stepping on the keys! XDD


It was really a hot day, and the performers do felt the burning heat! But the show must go on, and so as their performance! They do take breaks in a while, thankfully. :D

A Festival Queen.

Each festival performer had their representative of a so-called Festival Queen! And above we witnessed such a lovely one! There was also a beauty pageant to determine whose the most fairest Festival Queen of them all! XD

One Happy Day! One Happy Miku!

The festival performance and parade were surely a really fantastic sight to see. And Miku-chan was really grateful she tagged along to see this event!

One happy day! And one happy Miku! :D

That's all for now. 'Til next week!


  1. Love that last Miku photo. :3

    Samejima/Junn Tan

  2. @Samejima: Thank you very much for viewing! :D