Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!


Today marks the start of my own version of Project 52 - using a Nendoroid as a constant element, as much as possible, to each photograph I will have every week (which can be a Saturday or Sunday).

From Wikipedia:

Nendoroid (ねんどろいど) is a brand of small plastic figures, created by the Japanese Good Smile Company. Nendoroid figures are usually replicas of an anime or manga character and are commonly used as collectors items or toys. They are roughly 10 cm (4 in) in height, depending on the character they were made to look like. Normally they are made in a chibi or super deformed style, with a large head and smaller body to make them look cute. Their faces and body parts are movable and interchangeable, giving them a range of different expressions, postures and items to hold.

And my first "blood" goes below.

Happy New Year!

I guess I still cannot do that 365-day project fully due to work a lot of things to do during weekdays. But I will still try to add some photos I will have that do not follow my Project 52 format :).

I just hope I can finish this 'til the end!

Can you guess what Yui, BRS, Tooko and Saber are trying to do? XD

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