Saturday, January 15, 2011



During the past week, I became quite busy thinking of what to pass for Good Smile Company's Wonderful Hobby Life For You 13th Photo Contest ( for the Wonder Festival 2011 this coming February. I had known this contest from last year, when my nendoroid collection started, and found it out through digging some nendoroid photos. This was my first time to join the said contest, and I am looking forward for the posting of all the photos submitted!

Meanwhile, today, I was lazy to go outside, due to the terrible stress I had this weekend (not because of thinking what to submit to the contest though :P), that I preferred sitting in front of the PC and slept. After being recharged from a nap, I had myself thinking of what to post today, as I remembered it's already another weekend! I finally thought of playing with light while using Black Rock Shooter as the subject. Below is the outcome:


And I guess that's all for now. 'Til next week!

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