Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Nendo Food Attack.

As I was browsing my stash of photos this afternoon, I came across an untouched album of which I just realized that some of my cam whore nendoroids were there!

It was a Saturday morning when my friend called me to accompany him pick up his new toy loot, mainly of which are new nendoroids. After getting them, we went to an eat-all-you-can restaurant for lunch because we never had breakfast. Little we now that these nendoroids were also hungry, and so the attack started.

My Lunch.

Sushi and Tamago.

And Saber leads them, running around like crazy for all the food served in our table.

When Saber Craves For Food.

Chiaki, on the other hand, inspects all the food before she eats, as she reasons out that a "princess" should eat the best-tasting food XD.

In Scrutiny.

After a while, Saber went berserk, craving for more food @_@.

I Want MOAR!

Poor BRS, nothing left for her.

Maybe I should go shooting instead.

Meanwhile, Chiaki, Nagi, and Mimi just enjoyed their time eating the desserts! Such a great sight seeing their delight!

Mimi's Sweet Smile!

Sweet Heaven!

After all of them finished eating, its time for a photo op!

Where's the camera?!?

Tooko didn't bother going to the lunch table, and you should know why ^^;.

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